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I have always wanted to help people. In high school I wrote a paper about how I wanted to be a therapist when I grew up, I am so happy that I eventually fulfilled my goal. At first, life lead me down a business path however, many life experiences continued to draw me back to my childhood dream of therapy. In 2008, as a single mom of 2, I completed my master’s degree in Clinical Counseling. Many years have passed since then and I have gained so much knowledge and experience that enhances my ability to connect and empathize with my clients. Since then I married, and my husband and I have three more children (totaling 5). Read more


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On a case by case basis Core Devotional Marriage & Family Therapy can provide HIPPA compliant video sessions through a phone or computer. You simply download the app or connect through this website to present for your session. This allows me to connect and provide services to clients anywhere in the country. As technology has advanced video sessions have grown in popularity to meet the needs of busy lives. I am so happy to be able to provide this service to my clients.


“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”
~C.S. Lewis

Have you ever been in the middle of a crisis or an intense argument? Have you ever been in a long-term relationship that you always hoped would change but hasn’t? Maybe you find yourself falling into the same negative relationship patterns over and over? Do you have an unruly child or teen that sometimes makes you sleepless at night? Whatever it may be…you wish that you could go back to the beginning and change things so your life would be different?? I know I have. Obviously, that can’t happen and really, what would we learn if life if we could? Just like the C.S. Lewis quote says…. you can’t go back and change the beginning BUT you can start right where you are, and YOU can change the ending! You can make changes to heal relationships, to make changes so you don’t continue repeating the same negative relationship patterns over and over.

Psychotherapy is not about focusing on the problems in life, but more about solution building. Although it acknowledges present problems and past causes, it predominantly explores your current resources and future hopes -helping you to look forward and use your own strengths to achieve your goals. It works by helping you to overcome problems without tackling them directly-using solution building concepts to foster change and helping you to develop a set of clear, concise and realistic goals.

I empathize with your struggles and believe that you are equipped with the skills to create change in your life, though you may need help refining and identifying those skills. It is also my belief that you know at least on some level what change is needed in your life. Therefore, I am professionally trained to help you clarify your goals and guide you to see what is working for you, as well as, encourage you to experiment with new approaches to your problems.

The human spirit can overcome anything if it has hope. Addressing your mental health issues will help you find joy and cleave to the reasons for living.

Make an appointment today and start finding your way to resilience.


We are three blocks east of Montrose and one block south of Richmond Avenue.We are conveniently located

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We are three blocks east of Montrose and one block south of Richmond Avenue.We are conveniently located

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Cindy Dowling, M.A.<br><i>Marriage & Family Therapist</i>

Cindy Dowling, M.A.
Marriage & Family Therapist

714 Bethlehem Pike

Erdenheim PA 19038

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